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Squaxin Island Tribe

We are descendants of the maritime people who lived and prospered along the shores of the southernmost inlets of the Salish Sea for untold centuries. Because of our strong cultural connection with the water, we are also known as the People of the Water. We are the Noo-Seh-Chatl of Henderson Inlet; Steh-Chass of Budd Inlet; Squi-Aitl of Eld Inlet; Sawamish/T’Peeksin of Totten Inlet; Sa-Heh-Wa-Mish of Hammersley Inlet; Squawksin of Case Inlet; and S’Hotle-Ma-Mish of Carr Inlet.

Northwest Indian Treatment Center

Northwest Indian Treatment Center (NWITC) opened in 1994 to provide residential alcohol and drug treatment. It received national accreditation by CARF in 1998 and was recognized by the reviewers as one of the best residential programs in the nation. The treatment center specializes in unresolved trauma and grief related to chronic relapse patterns. NWITC was given the spiritual name “D3WXbi Palil” meaning “returning from the Dark Deep Waters to the Light”.



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